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The Departments of Forest Engineering and Forestry Product Chemistry, the predecessor of the School of Engineering at ZAFU, were founded in 1958. The two departments merged to become the Department of Forest Product Industry in September 1986. The department was changed to the School of Engineering in January 2002.

The School of Engineering has 1 “12th Five-Year”top priorityprovincial (class A) discipline, which is the Forestry Engineering first-level discipline. The school also has 4 second-level disciplines, including Wood Science and Technology, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Agricultural Engineering. Among those, the Wood Science and Technology discipline is a top priority provincial discipline, which is also the support platform for the National Research Center of Engineering Technology for Comprehensive Utilization of Wood Resources and the Wood Processing Industry’s Science and Technology Innovation Service Sector of Zhejiang Province.

The school has 1 doctorate program “Bamboo Resources and High Efficient Utilization” and 1 first-level master program “Forestry Engineering”. The school also has 6 second-level master programs, including Wood Science and Technology, Forest Engineering, Chemical Processing Engineering of Forest Products, Biomass Energy and Materials, Furniture Design and Engineering, and Industrial Design and Theory. In addition, there are 2 professional master programs, including the Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and the Master of Agricultural Mechanization and Popularization.

The school offers 5 undergraduate majors, which are Wood Science and Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Polymer Materials and Engineering, and Furniture Design. Among those, the Wood Science and Engineering is also a national feature major, provincial superior major, and one of the first batch national top creative talents pilot reform specialties for “Excellent Education and Training Program for Agriculture and Forestry”. The Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation is a provincial key construction and newly developed feature major.

The school has 1 national engineering technology research center, 1 provincial science and technology innovation service platform, 1 provincial collaborative innovation center, 1 provincial key laboratory, and 2 research institutes. It has about 10,000 square meters of teaching and research building space with over RMB 70million worth of equipment. At present, the school has 42 off-campus teaching and research practice bases, 5 provincial social practice bases, and 7 students' innovation bases.

In the past five years, more than 350 research projects have been carried out here, including major and key programs of the National Forestry Public Welfare Profession, programs of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national Science and technology support program, the “948” program, the National Forestry Public Welfare Profession special program, programs of the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province, and the Public Welfare Profession programs of Zhejiang province. The total research funding is about RMB 58 million. The school has won 1 Second Prize for National Technology Invention Award, 1 Second Prize for National Technology Progress Award, 1 First Prize for Provincial Outstanding Teaching Achievements, 2 First Prizes for Provincial Science and Technology, 4 Second Provincial and Ministerial Prizes, and 79 national invention patents.

The school totally has 107 faculty members and staff (including 1 shared Academician). There are 75 teachers, and the numbers of professors and associate professors are 20 and 28, respectively. Among the faculty members there are 3 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Teams, 1 National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent, 1 national Thousand-Talents- Plan Expert,1 national Young and middle-aged leading scientist, engineer and innovator, 2 Provincial Thousand-Talents-Plan Experts, 1 Provincial Young & Middle-aged Expert for Outstanding Contributions, 9 Provincial“151”Talents, and 5 Discipline Leading Teachers among Provincial Universities.

At present, the school has 1,524 undergraduate students and 179 graduate students. The school focuses on the innovation and entrepreneurship education and it has trained many excellent students, such as “Entrepreneurial Talent” Song Yadan and “Patent Talent” Zhang Yefang.

With the support of the university and the society and in accordance with the school motto “Seeking the Truth”, the School of Engineering is stepping forward, with great efforts and spirits of innovation, to promote the industry-university-research cooperation. We are devoted to better contribution to the local economy construction and social development!

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